"Spies who came to see baby Jesus brought expensive gifts" - Pastor Anselm Madubuko's wife says people use smiles, friendships to get close to others then destroy them

Emmy Kosgei, the Kenyan wife of Senior Pastor of the Revival Assembly Church Lagos, Anselm Madubuko, has advised people not to get carried away by certain smiles, friendships and assistance.

According to the gospel musician, some people use 'awesome dimensions' to get close to others in order to destroy them. 

In the post shared on her social media accounts on Wednesday, she noted that even the spies who came to see baby Jesus brought expensive gifts.

"Don't be carried away by smiles, assistance, friendships .. some people use awesome dimensions just to get close to you then destroy you! Enemies sometimes are people close while loyal and genuine friends are sometimes friends a far! So don't be #emotional about #innercircles,don't be #deceived by great talk in your presence," she wrote.

"May God give you spiritual soundness to pick them before they grow into trees .usiseme ati huyu ni chanda na Pete, ati namwachia hata kifunguu ya hao ati eeeeh confidant oooh ... sometimes akufaaye kwa dhiki si rafiki ata Judas was closest but alimuuza yesu kwa 30 Bob

"Hata spys who came to see baby Jesus brought expensive gifts to Him not out of love but curiosity "who is this king?"? ... Ukisikia ngweee huko nje usisirike  look #inwards na ufanye #reshuffle haraka! Then make use of #delete #unfriend #unfollow .. bila emotions! polume iko sawa? #dontgetcarriedaway" 

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source http://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2020/9/spies-who-came-to-see-baby-jesus-brought-expensive-gifts-pastor-anselm-madubukos-wife-says-people-use-smiles-friendships-to-get-close-to-others-then-destroy-them.html

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