Mob breaks into warehouse in Plateau state, cart away bags of fertilizers and other farm inputs

COVID-19 Pallative has now come to include private businesses and government funded empowerment resources meant for some of this same senseless people. I trust Nigerian government, they know how they will get the money back from your pockets. You are not as professional as the Nigerian politicians in looting and robbery, but in your own little capacity as an average citizen, you are looting pallatives that are being hoarded, when the warehouses got empty, the thirst for vandalism also led to looting private businesses as those who couldn't get hold of pallatives from the warehouses plus those greedy for more free stuff joined efforts and plundered honest, hard-working people. Well, in Marxism ideology, it is called "Anarchy" and anarchy is a branch of Communism. So called Peaceful protesters have declared war on the rich and middle class/working class citizens, are we fighting the government or we are fighting the working class citizens? The last time I checked, Nigeria is a free market capitalist country, this rampage is communist, the poor taking from the rich in the name of equality and social justice. I see this #endsars has declared the wealthy and middle-class as the enemy when infact we all started as a freedom fight against police brutality. I am no longer in support of the protest.

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